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Regin becomes the first to receive “ScreaglePride Shout-out”

Regin becomes the first to receive “ScreaglePride Shout-out”

6/19/2017 | University Communications
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We all enjoy hearing a kind word or receiving a compliment for the work we do. Knowing we are appreciated by our supervisors and colleagues is something that truly elevates spirit. In this series we are asking you to send a few words about a fellow USI employee who helps lift your spirits, puts a smile on your face or inspires you with their creativity or drive. It’s an opportunity to say “thank you” or “I appreciate you.”

We’re kicking off our new ScreaglePride series with an individual who impacts the entire University in a major way. With organized orchestration she and her team ensure that every meeting and class is scheduled, and that every event receives meticulous care and execution. Our first “Screaglepride Shout-out” goes to CJ Regin, director of Special Events. CJ will be retiring July 1, but before she moves on, here’s what others shared about her:

Donna Koewler, assistant director of Special Events and Scheduling Services:

“CJ has become the “face” of USI Special Events as she has made the department what it is today. Under CJ’s leadership, the size of the department has expanded dramatically, more than doubled, over the last 15 years as we have expanded to new event facilities and now accommodate larger, more complicated and more demanding event venues.”

“When it was decided to hold USI Commencement exercises on campus, seven separate ceremonies for fall and spring, CJ took on a huge logistical challenge to map out how the PAC would be set up, how the many arrangements would be accomplished and organized the large number of people it takes to support this type of endeavor. She worked her magic again as she planned the USI 50th Anniversary, “Party of the Decades,” for which the PAC Courts were transformed into an elegant ballroom in the fall of 2015. People are still talking about the 50th Anniversary event and wondering just how she was able to pull it off.”

“Throughout these challenging periods of growth for our department, CJ held the bar high for our staff to deliver the same quality of services we have always provided. One slogan she likes to use is, "Party in a Minute," which sums up her "can do attitude,” even under tight deadlines and daunting circumstances. I think our staff are proud to have played a part in this expansion and to have had the benefit of working with such a dynamic and nurturing leader.”

Phyllis Oeth, assistant director of Special Events and Scheduling Services:

“CJ came up with the Event Summary Report, an extremely detailed document. She has a tab for everything: contacts, catering, Physical Plant, etc. The ESR for the Spring Commencement was nearly 60 pages long.”

“We schedule every event, meeting and class on campus. We have nine event planners – when CJ started there were around three. Depending on the day and what’s going on, it’s all hands on deck and everybody has an assignment.”

“CJ always has a smile on her face. She always greets everyone and looks you in the eye when she says hello and it makes you feel welcome.”

“Another perk of working with CJ is she’s a great baker and cook.”

Megan Doyle, administrative associate, Special Events and Scheduling Services:

“CJ delights in the opportunity to give my daughter snuggles each time she comes to visit.”

“CJ is not only a poised and adept professional; she is also remarkable friend and caring mentor. It has been a blessing to serve the University alongside CJ, and I will be forever grateful for her lessons in leadership by example and ‘grace under fire.’” 


Janet Johnson, director of Alumni Relations and Volunteer USI:

“On a personal level, CJ is the best colleague a girl could ask for. Dignity, grace and humor are the three qualities I would choose to describe CJ. She’s always willing to brainstorm and help work out kinks to ensure a top notch event that uplifts our University. Each event is important to her because she understands that the event is important to someone else. In the world of event planning, it’s smart to stop and ask yourself, ‘What would CJ do?’”

Steve Woodall, director of Public Safety:

“I remember walking next to CJ to a meeting and all of a sudden she would stop or slow down. It took me a bit to figure out that she was walking out of her shoes. She still frequently continues to do so.”

“I compare CJ’s inordinate attention to detail, her planning and her famed Event Summary Reports (ESR) to what a great military general, tactician or strategist would do prior to an event, engagement or battle.”

“In my prior law enforcement career, we could have used her skills when strategizing and planning some of our raids or execution of warrants.”

Kindra Strupp, associate vice president of Marketing and Communications:

“You know how there are people who make your life better just for knowing them? At USI, CJ Regin is one of those people. She is tirelessly committed to a job well-done, to being the last one standing (even in her beautiful heels!), to putting the University’s best foot forward and to being an unassuming role model for us all. She represents and reflects the best of us internally and to our many thousands of campus visitors each year. Most importantly, she gives of her heart, quick to offer a kind word and sincere expressions of care. Your beautiful, smiling face will be greatly missed around here, CJ. I’m so proud to have you as a colleague and a friend. Thank you for your enduring mark on me and this University.”

Dr. Ann White, dean of the College of Nursing and Health Professions:

“My favorite memory of CJ was when we had the 50th anniversary celebration for the University. She and her staff more than transformed the PAC, they created a miracle. CJ joined me to see my expression when I first walked into the PAC. I was speechless. She transformed a gym into a ballroom; that was CJ. She made it happen and never made a big deal about the amount of work it took to make everything so wonderful. CJ did that for every USI event. USI looked and presented well with everything she ever did. She quietly and efficiently made it happen.”

David Bower, vice president for Development, president of USI Foundation:

“CJ and I have been friends since she arrived at USI 15 years ago. Her love for the University was immediate and palpable. Her strong work ethic made it clear that anyone attending any campus event for any reason would be treated with the utmost respect and would have a positive experience. “

“CJ’s professional demeanor, positive outlook and engaging personality makes it easy for everyone to work with her. The dozens of events the USI Foundation hosts annually all have been improved because of her attention to detail. In her tenure as director of Special Events, CJ has established what I will call ‘a hallmark of caring’ which, most appropriately, has set a high standard for the University.”

“Frequently, CJ cajoled me for ‘never reading the ESR.’ Once when the pages ran to over a dozen, I decided to prove to her I did indeed read the ESRs and replied that instead of red napkins on page 3 to please use blue napkins!  My phone rang 10 minutes later.”

Sherrianne Standley, vice president emerita of advancement:

“When CJ Regin applied for our vacant director of Special Events position, she had been working in California, but she wanted to come back to Evansville. At the end of the interview, I asked how she managed to keep track of the variety of projects she managed in California. She quipped, way before many people could create a spreadsheet, "I am the queen of the spreadsheet!” That clinched it. She has been teaching all of us ever since of the value of the spreadsheet, coordinating details between many departments -- food service, security, athletics, central scheduling -- who rely on her for accuracy and that special USI commitment to excellence.” 

“CJ has developed her department into one of the most respected units that comprise University Relations and represents USI so beautifully within the University community and to the community at large. When everyone – and everyone really does say – USI does events so well, never a detail overlooked, it is because of CJ and the staff she has developed. She is still demure, soft spoken, and deferential, and she had mastered the art of the "iron fist in a velvet glove." An example for every manager, she has made many, many friends as she has represented the best of what we value in the University family.”

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